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Air-Handling Units

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Premi-Aire Air-Handing Units


The PREMI-AIRE air handling unit is modular in concept. Each section can stand alone or be coupled to adjoining sections in a variety of different ways thus providing the most effective and flexible installation features possible. Composite construction is an alternative cost effective option on smaller models.

Accessibility & Hygiene

All sections provide maximum access for general and major maintenance. Each section can also (as standard) be provided with base drainage to facilitate tot outer faces with food safe Stelvatite, but other facing materials may be substituted. Styrofoam has excellent thermal performance, being far superior to mineral wool or fibreglass alternatives.

Alternative insulation materials are available to suit the application.The most common for lower or higher temperature projects is PIR, a rigid foam insulation based upon phenolic resin

Insulation Specs


Any form of filtration can be incorporated from the basic G4 disposable panel filter through to the highest efficiency HEPA. Stainless steel washable mesh filters are also available to collect grease or to provide foundation filtration in dusty/dirty conditions where disposable filters would be changed too frequently. Odour control may be achieved using activated carbon filters and air sanito top

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