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Manufacturer of heat exchangers

A highly successful, independent and innovative manufacturer of heat exchange products, established in 1984 with a wealth of knowledge and experience extending back a further 20 years.

Always in the vanguard of design we pioneered the use of pre-treated galvanised steel, cleanable coolers and stainless steel casing, whilst our advances in stainless steel tubed manufacturer set the standards by which the new generation of ammonia products are now judged.

From initial enquiry to installation of the finished product, we maintain a close working relationship with our clients.

  • Firstly to ensure that their requirements are correctly interpreted and the optimum solution offered.

  • Secondly, in partnership with our customers, we follow our products into the field to gain experience of the vast spectrum of conditions which exist on site.
coldstore site This also allows us the unique opportunity for operational study.

Our Service Engineers are trained to work under all conditions to repair accidental damage or modify on request our own products or those of other suppliers.

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